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Miscellaneous Resources

The purpose of this is mostly to save sites on my website that I find interesting and that I may either expand into articles or simply as reference. It really should be a blog, but I haven't taken the time to set that up quite yet.

How much does a short sale vs. foreclosure vs. bankruptcy affect my creidt rating?

Mortgage Research on Credit Scores

What are the latest facts on managing police abuse of power?

The local Otto Zehm case really upset me. While I have sympathy for the cops this case is so egergious as to call attention to two problems 1) The beating of an innocent man. 2) The complete lack of acceptance of responsiblity. The police hold on the legal shield that they followed procedure. If 'procedure' results in the beating death of an innocent man maybe there is something wrong with the procedure. It reminds me of the Milgram experiements for the complete lack of acceptance of their part in the mans death.

This site has collected examples of the problem, and it can used to point out that it relly is a problem. The solution, so far, escapes me given the current balance of power between citizens and police.

For a nation wide collection of video capture abuse of power, in particular arresting people for video taping police as a violation of the wire tap statues (Prosecuting attorneys can be so creative sometimes), far from inclusive, but to start a discussion see this site

Any tips on what I can get using the Puclic Records Act in Washington State?

A great resouce is the Attorney General's Open government ombudsman.