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The Kirby Law Office, PLLC practices in three primary areas:

FDCPA Violations / Debt Collector Harassment
Many times debt collection agencies use unique tactics as they attempt to intimidate you into paying a debt you have very little means to pay. Yet seldom do debt collectors take into account your current standard of living and the people who depend on you for roof and shelter. When a debt collector uses threats or lies when speaking with you, they have broken the law.

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense
Many people with outstanding credit card debt may face the possibility of being sued by their creditor. While not always the case, creditors can sue to collect an outstanding debt. Creditors will sometimes sue for a debt as little as $1,000.00 dollars. With a primary focus on debt collection defense, the Kirby Law Office can help you mount an aggressive defense and pursue grounds for case dismissals and substantial discounts on your credit debt for you.

Open Government
Washington State has good law on providing access to information through the the Public Records Act. Unfortunatley many publiuc agencies are uncomfortable sharing their file. If there is informataion you are looking for, and the public agencies are not providing the inforamtaion you expect please contact me. If the agency is found in vilation they cover your legal bill.

Technology Issues (eDiscovery/ Technology Expert)
I have worked on large computer systems for clients such as Verizon, Northrup Grumman and Network Solutions before I took up the practice of law. There are few attorneys with anywhere close to the background I have in technology. If you are dealing with issues such as finding the right questions to ask becasue of stonewall from technology 'experts', or you have qeustions realted to technology such as anonymity on the internet, cyberbullying, or free speech on the internet I can likely answer your questions.

If any of these sound like the challenges you face, or if you're not sure and would like to have your case evaluated, please get in touch to receive your free case evaluation today.


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